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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Please take the karate belt off the dog."

I'm kind of taking a break from all the 'don'ts' that I say, just to mix things up a bit. Well, let me clarify: I'm actually taking a break from writing about all of them - I haven't been able to shake that habit one bit. But above is something that I said that could have easily become a negative and I managed to reword things to soften it up a tad. While we have a very patient 13 year old retriever, he still can give us a look that says, "My goodness, would you please give an old dog a break?!" And that was exactly what he was telepathically telling me the other day when my kids were playing around after karate. Yes, he looked funny and yes it was sweet how he was just standing there as if being frozen would somehow make it all go away, but once he looked at me with those big cloudy brown eyes and one doggy eyebrow raised I just couldn't stand there any longer and not do anything. He, of course, would never bark in disagreement or even shake the belt off in annoyance, so I stepped in as his spokesperson and verbalized what I felt he wanted me to say: I know he likes it when you play with him but making him wear silly things might not be the best way to show him affection. Why don't you guys pet him a bit and give him some loves for being so patient. And go ahead and grab a treat for him too.

I know that he understood everything that I had said (it doesn't matter that he's deaf - I'm sure he's great at reading lips) because he gave me a look of gratitude, and then walked slowly to his bed and plopped down in relief. Man I'm gonna miss that guy...

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