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Hi and thanks for visiting this site. As a mother of 3 I've said some pretty odd stuff over these past 10 years and thought it would be fun to write a bunch of them down.

And now, with the encouragement of my brother, I'd like to share some of these unconventional, yet practical, phrases. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Did you hurt your nose on your way upside down?"

Yeah, I'm not even sure what I just said, but it seemed fitting at the time. And my little guy knew what I meant because he nodded slowly and came over for some cuddles. Sometimes it doesn't really matter if you make any sense, (thank goodness), it just matters how you say the gibberish. And that's my lesson for today: don't worry about how ridiculous you may sound, just own those words and work that tone and no one will question what the heck just came out of your mouth.

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