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Hi and thanks for visiting this site. As a mother of 3 I've said some pretty odd stuff over these past 10 years and thought it would be fun to write a bunch of them down.

And now, with the encouragement of my brother, I'd like to share some of these unconventional, yet practical, phrases. Enjoy!

Friday, July 23, 2010

"Does it hurt? I'm curious because I'm not a boy."

My good friend from Michigan, who's in town with her family for a couple of weeks, said this to her son the other day when we went kayaking. The river is quite cold in the Northwest, even in the hot summer, so when her son jumped in the water and jumped right back out, holding himself, she queried if all was well. What struck me as most charming was her sincerity. She truly wanted to understand the other side. What a momma.

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