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Hi and thanks for visiting this site. As a mother of 3 I've said some pretty odd stuff over these past 10 years and thought it would be fun to write a bunch of them down.

And now, with the encouragement of my brother, I'd like to share some of these unconventional, yet practical, phrases. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Don't lick, stop licking, lick, yuck, ew..."

All children lick things, we know this, but that fact doesn't make it any less horrifying as a parent when you are watching, as if in slow motion, your child's tongue pop out and glide over some unquestionably disgusting item and you feel powerless to stop it. Here are some things that I have said, as well as some quotes from various parents dealing with this same issue:

Don't lick your pizza (as explained in my first post)
Stop trying to lick him!
I can't believe you just licked that
Do NOT lick that
Don't lick it again
Don't lick your face in order to clean it! (mommy steph)
Stop licking the public transportation! (mommy beck in chicago 'still waiting for a third arm to sprout')
Don't lick the dog, cat

Did I miss any? Let me know!

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