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Friday, September 24, 2010

"Ooh mommy, that's fancy."

That's what my daughter said when she saw the new soap dispenser that arrived from CSN Stores. A while back I had mentioned that I wanted to update, change, fix something in the kitchen and thought that a new paint job would do the trick, but on that same day I received a message asking if I wanted to review a product. (I actually think my husband was a bit relieved, but I still had the painting bug so I decided to repaint the guest bathroom instead). Anyway, I went to their website and was a bit overwhelmed by all the amazing choices there were. It took me quite a while to finally decide on something, well, actually 2 things. So this is really part 1. I'd been refilling an old bottle of dishwashing soap for some time now so when I came across the Progressive International kitchen soap dispenser I knew it would be a welcome improvement to my kitchen. But I didn't realize how much so until my daughter saw it and continued to tell me how much nicer this one looked, how ugly the old soap bottle was, and how she was so glad that I finally got rid of it. (She's our little decorator). Won't she be surprised when the new rug gets here on Monday!

But her, I mean my, review doesn't end there. We both like how the long spout doesn't clog and neatly shoots out soap onto a sponge ("or your hand or a towel or whatever you want soap on"). Now my 2 oldest can reach it and use it with one hand so no more picking-up-only-to-drop the soap. I just think it looks cool at my sink and makes the whole area look a bit neater, like I actually meant to coordinate things. And it got here so fast - I ordered it on a Thursday and it got here the following Tuesday. My kids love getting packages so when we found it on our doorstep that day they were eager to see what was inside. As soon as I took it out my daughter went straight to the sink, got the old bottle and started filling the new one. We actually stood there a moment admiring it (yeah, slow day I guess). So I'm thinking that slowly but surely the house can get a nice update - all pending the approval of my daughter, of course.

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