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Friday, November 26, 2010

"Just to set the record straight, we do NOT put little boys on our lap."

Oh, I'm still laughing about this one. Here's the deal: So yesterday I was upstairs exercising when my husband walked in and mentioned that he had a good exercise he wanted me to try. When I finished I went downstairs to try it out. My kids were excited for me to attempt it, as they all had just moments earlier. It was a tricep dip using two chairs (feet on one, arms on the other). My daughter proudly boasted that she could do 17 so I figured I needed to do at least that many. When I was done my oldest did some more, then hubby told us to watch him do what he and his buddies do at the gym. He got in position, did a couple of dips, then instructed our 8 year old to sit on him while he did some more. Our daughter quickly asked, with a mild look of confusion and disgust, "You put little boys on your lap at the gym?!" I couldn't contain my laughter so I just let it out. My husband, on the other hand, looked offended and instantly retorted, "No! We don't put little boys on our lap. We use weights!" He removed our son and stood up. "We use weights, girlie. Weights." She looked relieved and simply said, "Ooh." Then she asked me why I was still laughing (I tried to suppress it but truly couldn't). I mumbled something incoherent and walked back upstairs to get a jacket. On my way back down my husband met me on the steps and offered the above clarification. I, of course, didn't need one, but I think it made him feel a bit better. I don't think we'll be doing that exercise again any time soon.

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