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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another giveaway!?!

Yessiree! A few months ago I got to host a giveaway where one follower received a gift certificate to CSN Stores. It was really fun being able to offer this opportunity and so I did some research beforehand on their websites just to get an idea of what they offered. What I found was that they offered just about anything you could think of - fancy and everyday cookware, adorable kid items, decorative and practical tv tables - you name it! Everything looked great and a winner was chosen. And then I got to review an item and this is where I really got to experience just how vast the CSN Store network truly is! I scanned site after site and put at least 15 items into my cart within the first 15 minutes. Anyway, I settled on 2 and have been wanting more ever since.

But now it's time to share the fun once again! So stay tuned for details...

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