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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Did you just 'sheesh' me?!"

Son comes home after school yesterday, looking for a snack.

Son: "Did you buy some fishes (goldfish crackers)?"
Me: "No, not yet."
Son: "Can I have an apple?"
Me: "I put the last one in your lunch."
Son: "How about some crackers and cheese?"
Me: "We're out of crackers."
Son: "Sheesh, mom!"

My son's 7 and usually a really sweet and patient child, so this "Sheesh!" caught me totally off guard and all I could do was just laugh. My husband was in another room and heard it and started laughing as well. Soon we were all saying "Sheesh!" and cracking up!

Apparently I'm not the only parent of a frustrated child: Submitted by a mom in Cincinnati - "Don't hmmmph your mother!" (Said by her husband after their 4 year old, with hands on hips, got upset that mom said no TV). from nytimes.com article

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