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Hi and thanks for visiting this site. As a mother of 3 I've said some pretty odd stuff over these past 10 years and thought it would be fun to write a bunch of them down.

And now, with the encouragement of my brother, I'd like to share some of these unconventional, yet practical, phrases. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Did you just put a girl down your shirt?"

"She's helping you scratch your back? Oh okay."

Another example of a common daily exchange between my child and me. Nothing unusual about it, considering the context and the participants, but let's just take a moment and insert this into a different scenario, just for the heck of it:

You're at work and need to make copies so you get up and head over to the printing area. As you're loading your documents into the copier, you overhear the above jabber. What's your first thought? What the...? Do you crane your neck in the hopes of catching a glimpse of this 'helpful' girl or do you just try and ignore what you just heard and think that maybe you simply misunderstood? Or do you march right over and ask for clarification? Or maybe you laugh and join in and say something awkward like, "Yeah, I hate it when that happens." And then they look at you like you're some kind of freak and so you vow to never ever try and engage in conversation at work again and you slink back to the copy machine and gather your copies and amble back to your cubicle. So much pressure to be 'normal' and speak 'coherently' and not sound 'weird,' huh? What freedom as a parent to be able to just make ridiculous statements and ask bizarre questions without any fear of judgement. How invigorating! And I just said, "Yes, I'll help you get out of that box" to my son and I heard nary a giggle. Ha ha ha ha ha!

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