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Hi and thanks for visiting this site. As a mother of 3 I've said some pretty odd stuff over these past 10 years and thought it would be fun to write a bunch of them down.

And now, with the encouragement of my brother, I'd like to share some of these unconventional, yet practical, phrases. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Get out of the pillowcase and uncross your eyes when I'm talking to you."

It's kind of distracting to talk to someone when they come hopping over to you with their eyes crossed. Especially when you called them over to discipline them. Has this ever happened to you? No, right?! Because kids are crazy, silly, funny, and goofy and as a parent you sometimes have to just go with it and keep a straight face when what you really want to do is fall on the floor laughing. I think anyone who regularly interacts with children would win the grand prize on the old show "Make Me Laugh." Remember that show?!

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